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Dr. R.S Anand 
Dr. Raghubir Singh Anand
Vikram Singh
Senior Project

Dr. RS Anand  worked as Chief Research Engineer and Consultant in EE, IIT Kanpur. He was the Coordinator of the Semiconductor Device Fabrication  Lab, Solar Energy Research Enclave (SERE) and Roof Top solar inside the institutional area of IITK from 2000 to 2015. He was involved in R&D of organic LEDs, polymer photo-diode, polymer solar cells, silicon photo-detector, solar cells, high voltage BJTs, rectifier and other devices. Numbers of discrete devices and modules of 7-segment displays and polymer solar cell modules were developed. The field performance evaluation system for five different solar technologies at SERE and roof top solar systems having high and normal efficiency solar module components were established under sponsored and institutional projects. The work has been published in various journals and presented in different national and international conferences and symposium. List of cited publication is available at Research Gate . To popularize and disseminate knowledge related to solar photovoltaic and LEDs, four national, international conferences, seminars were organized. The fourth conference, International Conference on Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Solar Photovoltaic Systems was organized at IIT Kanpur from 27-29 March 2014.

Vikram Singh has completed his post-graduation in 2018 from IIT Roorkee  He worked on Pollution abatement in sugar cane Industry for his M. Tech. dissertation. Then, he started a startup related to solar energy. In the process, he has learned about the design and sizing in the field of solar, hydro and green building, energy efficiency simulation. He has studied courses on energy conservation & management, climate change, project formulation, and implementation. and also done auditing and techno-economical analysis of Renewable systems. He did his B.E. in the field of Industrial & Production Engineering from JEC Jabalpur.

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