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In 2008, a national conference, National Conference on Emerging Trends in Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Utilization (NCETPEGU) was organized at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India It was well attended by the world-known experts in the field of photovoltaic science and technology. It was then declared that solar photovoltaic is destined to become the technology of future electricity generation. There were a few concerns.  Low efficiency of solar cells, the high price of solar systems, high tariff, grid parity and electricity boards (Discoms) reluctance of connecting solar to grid fearing its instability. In 10 years,  solar cells' efficiency has improved significantly, 380-400 Wp solar modules are available, solar prices have plummeted to 1/3, parity to the grid already achieved with the tariff as low as Rs.2.44 /unit and likely to decrease further. Discoms and electricity regulation bodies are now confident of the quality of solar electricity. India is proud of putting large grid interfaced solar farms, the world biggest solar plant of more than 600 megawatts at one place. 20 GW target of solar installations by 2022 set under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission has already been surpassed and the nation is now gearing up to achieve a revised target of 100 GW. World over, large solar power plants are coming up. Solar is set to be a disruptive technology likely to replace fossil fuel, polluting coal-based thermal power plants in the near future.


                During the last few years, we have been working in solar cells, solar system design, ground and rooftop installation, and performance evaluation. We have the knowledge base, experience and motivation to do substantive work in the field of solar, lighting and energy efficiency evaluation. Ikjot Energy International Private Limited will provide quality solutions in the field of solar engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, solar lighting, a consultancy in performance evaluation of solar power plants & green buildings. Investigative research will be taken up to help improve electricity generation and the life span of solar systems. To sustain, a model mix of academic and commercial pursuits with the best ethics of trade will be followed.

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