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Scientists Built a Genius Device That Generates Electricity 'Out of Thin Air'


A microbe called Geobacter genus found to produce bacterial nanowires which can conduct electricity. The time has come when researchers have figured out the technology to exploit this natural gift to create a device called Air-gen which can create electricity out of air at nanoscale. The Air-gen consists of a thin film of the protein nanowires measuring just 7 micrometres thick, positioned between two electrodes, but also exposed to the air, because of that exposure, the nanowire film is able to adsorb water vapour that exists in atmosphere, enabling that device to generate a continuous electrical current conducted between the two electrodes. The Air-gen produces a sustained voltage of around 0.5 volts, with a current density of about 17 microamperes per square centimetre. Connecting multiple devices like these could generate enough power to charge small devices like smartphones and other personal electronics by just using nothing but ambient humidity.

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